Sunny HeRBs

Champion of the fair
Sagaflor in Kassel 2013

During the fair Sagaflor in Kassel (Germany), our trademark Sunny HeRBs won the Product of the Year 2013 prize.

The RB Plant team will continue improving this line to offer exclusive and advanced articles.


In three words our slogan expresses all that aromatic herbs comprise:




It is the perfume that essential oils emanate, naturally present in all aromatic herbs.


It is the intense and natural taste of our herbs used as seasoning to give flavour to our food.


The positive effects of the beneficial properties of essential oils used as natural remedies for our health.

The idea of creating our SUNNY HERBS is due to the search of production requirements ever more respecting a healthy and natural usage, both in the medical treatment field and the more general dietary field to flavour our food.


Often the cultivation fields actually arise behind our homes, in order that our farmers can live out their work in an intensive way. And who lives surrounded by its own plants could not but love them cultivating them with passion. And it is for this reason that we choose with great care the products to be used on plants following our own strict specifications.



The use of SUNNY HERBS can improve the quality of our own wellbeing!

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